16 Jul, 2024
1 min read

The Importance Of Shipment Tracking

While the importance of expedited shipping is a driving factor for online shoppers and their likelihood to purchase from any retailer, these same shoppers are often more concerned with the costs associated with shipping and handling for their orders. Orders arriving as quickly as possible, specifically within the holiday season, is imperative. However, in order […]

1 min read

Free vs. Fast: Where Do You Stand With Delivery?

With more and more shoppers opting into online shopping as opposed to in-store, the expectations of a hasty processing and shipping process from customers have also increased. What’s worse, is that these same shoppers have also become so accustomed to the free shipping standard from organizations like Amazon, that they expect it from lesser businesses […]

1 min read

Workplace Investigation Timeline

Workplace transgressions and general misconduct are what HR professionals and those in management positions are trained and prepared to handle, in any circumstance. And while it’s important for these professionals to be able to defuse any of these situations with ease, what’s arguably more important is having the foresight to prevent them. In instances where […]

3 mins read

What are the Differences Between Purchasing Two-wheeler Insurance Online and Through a Broker?

A bike insurance policy is important to protect yourself from unforeseen damages due to accidents or mishaps. With a marked increase in the number of road accidents every year, it is important to buy two wheeler insurance that offers maximum protection. While buying insurance for bikes was primarily offline, and broker-driven earlier, in recent years, […]