Creating Customer-centric Marketing Messages during the Holidays

The Covid-19 pandemic dulled the brightness of the holidays a bit, but it doesn’t stop families from reuniting virtually, enjoying meals by sending each other their favorite Christmas dishes, and shopping for gifts for each other online. It’s a different kind of merrymaking for businesses. All-year-round, businesses struggled to remain afloat. Many have to retrench workers and close some units. Others have to permanently close their doors.

For businesses that remained standing until today, the holiday is an opportunity to recuperate some losses they have suffered during the past year. This is a good chance to market their businesses to those who are not letting the pandemic affect their holidays in any other way aside from socially distant celebrations. But while it’s a great opportunity, the holidays also present a lot of challenges for the kind of marketing messages your customers want to hear.

After all, in a year fraught with uncertainties, deaths, and so-little successes, it can be hard to get through your customers’ emotions. Keep in mind these things, though: convenience, commitment, and appreciation. These things will bring your business to the other side of this pandemic—hopefully, a more resilient economy and market.

Easy Gift-giving Options

The pandemic might have changed the way families celebrate the holidays, but it doesn’t stop people from buying gifts for each other. Make it easy for your customers to buy and deliver gifts to their loved ones. Businesses should work on highlighting how easy it is to buy gifts from their shops. For example, those with an online shop can create a separate page for holiday gift ideas. More than that, they can offer to send these gifts to the recipients.

Announcement of Shipping Schedule

Speaking of sending out the gifts, make sure to work with a reputable logistics company during the holiday season. Most of the time, your customers are willing to wait a week for their parcels to arrive. Somehow, during the holiday season, they want instant gratification.

Work on your shipping schedule. As early as the last week of November, publish your holiday shipping schedule. Even with the best couriers, you’ll experience a delay with your shipments. Make sure your customers know when is the last day to order so they can get their packages before Christmas. This is the kind of intuitiveness that customers want to see from the businesses that they support.

Working During the Holidays

Are you working during the holidays? That shows commitment. Make sure that your customers know you’re foregoing your own merrymaking just to answer their inquiries, work on the products that they ordered, and ship those products in time to reach them or their loved ones. They will appreciate the hard work and commitment you put into making their holidays a little better during this time.

Don’t forget to shine the light on your employees. They deserve recognition and appreciation for working during the holidays. As they forego spending time with their families, make sure that your customers appreciate this sacrifice.

Focus on User-generated Content

The holidays are when your customers go all out with their twinning dresses and family portraits. How better to show them how much you value their patronage by highlighting user-generated content in your news feed? This kind of content tells them that you are grateful for their support, especially during such a tumultuous year.

When thinking of the kind of marketing message that your audience wants to hear, keep them in your mind. You are writing for your customers and not for anyone else. Certainly, you aren’t creating a message that you want to hear as a business owner. You want your message to resonate with your audience, to let them know your business is all about them.