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Airbnb Integrating Digital Currency Payments & Blockchain

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Airbnb has decided to integrate blockchain technology and digital currency within its business. By embracing modern technologies such as blockchain, the company plans to further develop its platform. Below, you can find more about Airbnb’s plans and know how eMerchantBroker can help you grow your business.

Airbnb Integrating New Payments: eMerchantBroker

The COVID-19-related crisis has proved to be extremely painful for the tourism industry. Businesses in this sector need to apply new strategies to be able to recover. The American giant Airbnb has placed its attention partly around cryptocurrency to be able to get back on track.

Airbnb is taking steps to adapt to emerging technologies. This refers to tokenization, cryptocurrencies, and modern authentication technologies. The company is seeking ways to apply blockchain technology and offer digital currency payments.

Airbnb intends to go on spending major resources to keep, develop and enhance its technologies and platform. The company thinks this may require more costly efforts than thought previously and doesn’t think success is 100% guaranteed.

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Airbnb for Digital Currency Payments & Blockchain

At the beginning of December, Airbnb’s shares began trading at $139, after its I.P.O. had priced them at $68. Now, Mr. Chesky’s stake in Airbnb is worth about $11 billion.

According to Airbnb, the company’s future success is mainly based on how successfully it can adopt new or emerging payment methods on its platform, thus being able to offer alternative payment options to its customers.

As you see, though Airbnb didn’t plan to integrate digital currencies on its platform, now, the company has changed its viewpoint. Such change stems from the current tendency that large companies are faced with. Namely, the home-rental platform has decided to start using technologies like distributed ledger, AI (artificial intelligence), AR (augmented reality) and cloud technologies for its future growth.

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