How to invest in cryptocurrency without risk?
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How to invest in cryptocurrency without risk?

Investing in crypto in 2021 is a practice that is increasingly opening up to the general public. In the year 2021, according to some investors, buying cryptocurrency is more profitable than ever, even more than in 2020. However, this activity remains risky: no one can know which cryptocurrency (s) are intended to take advantage of the value and those destined to lose it. How to invest in crypto without risk in 2022? Is it a good idea? We’ll tell you everything!

How to invest in cryptos in 2021?

How to buy and sell cryptos? In 2021, many trading platforms will be available on the web to create a digital wallet. This wallet, which takes the form of a sequence of numbers and a safe password called a code, is intended to contain cryptocurrency. There are many options for investing in cryptos in 2022, including:

  • The purchase of tokens (cryptocurrency),
  • An online crypto broker that offers cryptocurrency trading via Contract For Difference (CFD),
  • The sale of a good to an individual in exchange for cryptocurrency,
  • Specialized marketplaces.

On which platform to buy cryptocurrency?

First, before investing in a platform, plan a commission and favour websites as well as secure and popular platforms that you will have researched beforehand. Also, find out about the payment methods available on the site you wish to purchase from. They may vary from platform to platform! The price of Bitcoin, the security of the platform and the responsiveness of customer service are also factors that ought to be taken into account before choosing your platform. If you plan to invest in an ICO project (initial coin offering) make sure to take a sneak peek into ICO calendar offered by cryptocurrency exchange platforms or directly on the coinmarketcap website.

Cryptocurrency in 2021

Some say that the value of Bitcoin is expected to increase by the end of 2021. As this cryptocurrency has a limited quantity (only 21 million Bitcoins), its value is determined by the difference between its supply and its demand. Production (known as “mining”) drops by 50% every four years.

There have been a total of two forks in the history of Bitcoin (most notably, between 2013 and 2017) that have resulted in a rise in the value of Bitcoin. This is why some expect Bitcoin to rise in value in 2022.

Besides, by the end of 2021, Diem (formerly Libra), Facebook’s digital currency, should offer a means of payment already accepted by Spotify, Uber, eBay, Whatsapp. Thanks to the Calibra app, a digital wallet intended to store the Diems, the user will be in a position to transfer money to another peer via different applications (PayPal and Lydia in particular).

Bet on security

You must prepare yourself to lose your entire stake in the worst case! Learn beforehand how the cryptocurrency financial markets work. What apps do you want to use, and what type of cryptocurrency do you want to invest in? If possible, feel free to join an online community (like Reddit or Slack) to connect with others and learn more about the pros and cons of investing in cryptocurrency. You can, for example, buy cryptocurrencies to store in a virtual safe to resell them after reaching a certain amount.