Important Tips to Understand the Basic Packaging Requirements for Fragile Products

When you think of shipping a product, packing becomes an important decision. It becomes tougher for fragile products to select a safe and secure packaging for shipment. There are various packaging options and packers’ services available for all types of products. You must choose a reliable and affordable packaging in cardboard boxes.

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For a DIY method, you may follow below steps to pack your fragile products for shipment –

  1. Provide proper Partition

While packing a delicate and breakable product, you must provide better packings in-between the products like light bulbs or glass items. They must provide enough cushions to absorb the pressure and binding force of each product. Avoiding void space will provide extra safety to your products.

You may consider placing chipboard and foams for the partition between the items and fill the empty space. Chipboards are made up of fibreboards and are less thick to provide better free-space for your products. They are rigid and strong to bear the compressive force of items due to juggling of transporting vehicle.

They provide safety and hold your product at place. It avoids any kind of contact between the delicate items and saves them from breakage and cracks.

  1. Better outer packaging material

Using cardboard boxes are mostly considered as the safest method to ship your fragile items. They are available in various shapes, sizes and designs for diverse range of choices. They have high strength and rigidity to protect your item from outer damages. It can withstand falls and heavy loads. You must choose a suitable shape and size of carboard box for packaging.

The strong flutes in the cardboard are designed to absorb shocks and falls during the shipments. Cardboard boxes have better interlocking system and are sticked together by a high-quality glue that prevents accidental breakage of the box.

  1. Proper labelling and secure tape

You must provide proper and visible labelling on your packaging. Package labelling may include product details, shipper’s details, receiver’s details and precautions for safe handling. The box must be secured with strong and thick tape with high-gluey properties.

You can also bubble wrap the box to take extra precaution and provide more safety during shipment.