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Tips for preventing a swimming pool from greening

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What is greening?

Some people wonder what makes a pool look green like a field with a structure containing water only. An ordinary water pool has crystal clear water with a shade of sky blue that attracts swimmers. Green swimming is caused by algae which result from pool water imbalances. Algae is an enemy that can keep invading your swimming pool if you do not apply proper maintenance practices. Reviews on how to clean a green swimming pool are available online to offer ideas. Ensure your swimming pool doesn’t become a host by practicing the following tips

Maintaining pool water

Algae will not become a regular visitor if you ensure your pool water contains proper chemical balancing.

Ensure your water is tested for chemical adjustments twice a week. Running the pool pump at regular intervals encourages the proper circulation of water dispensing chlorine levels. Pool water contains contaminants such as sunscreen, hair products, and skin oils. Ensure cleaning the pool takes place once a week using a pool brush to remove mineral build-up. Sunken debris removal is by vacuuming the pool wall and floors, cleaning and emptying all filters.

Add Algaecide

They are chemicals used to kill algae hence preventing their growth. Algaecide is effective only if used in small doses weekly. Common types of algaecide include quats, poly quats, chlorine and bromine, copper-based algaecides, and black algaecides. Algaecide is effective when algae growth is not at its peak. A heavily algae-infested pool will require chlorine shock first to eradicate it. However, too much use of algaecide can cause staining on the floor of your swimming pool which might not be attractive.

Removing Phosphates

Phosphates occur naturally in most pools from dead leaves, lawn fertilizers, etc; when they multiply they feed on algae. The results are turning the water pool cloudy and green. Removal of phosphate is by keeping organic materials off and prevent the growth of algae.

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