What are the Best Techniques for On-Page SEO of an Ecommerce Site?

If you have a website over the internet, it is not going to have the traffic and relative audience on its own but you have to take various important steps so that your website can be ranked in good spots in the result of a search query. The proper strategies of optimisation are crucial if you want to be seen and most importantly to give hard time to your competitors. If you are someone who has an e-commerce website where you sell various products, then there is a higher chance that you will have competition in the market as the online selling business is getting more saturated day by day.

You need to find your opportunity in the huge competition in this market and ecommerce SEO London will help you achieve it so that you can grow while making good sales. Certain optimisation strategies need to be applied to every website so that it can have the potential to rank higher.

  • Good Keyword Research

Keyword research is important and a good piece of content can be optimised and those keywords can be added that have high volume. This is one of the crucial and basic strategies of search engine optimisation to build more traffic and authority for your website. Various tools are available that can help you find out potential keywords that have high search volume but less competition. You can easily use these keywords in your content to build more authority over your website.

  • Image and URL Optimisation

It is not all about the content that needs to be optimised according to the standards but you also need to have the complete information regarding the proper usage of media files as product images on your website need to be optimised and the description should be brief and well-written. The same is the case with your URL as it should also clearly explain the idea about the content.

  • Page Speed Optimisation

If your website is not fast enough, then there is a higher chance that you will have a lower ranking and people will not be interested in waiting for a long time to see the content. When you get the services of the right SEO company, they will make sure to speed up page opening duration to attract more traffic to the website.


Proper optimisation of any website comes with various steps and when you go through every step with extreme care and proper research, there is no doubt that you are going to have the best growth and more sales for your e-commerce business.