Workplace Investigation Timeline

Workplace transgressions and general misconduct are what HR professionals and those in management positions are trained and prepared to handle, in any circumstance. And while it’s important for these professionals to be able to defuse any of these situations with ease, what’s arguably more important is having the foresight to prevent them. In instances where this isn’t possible, there will need to be an investigation. When these investigations are conducted, they must be done so while following proper protocols that will protect both any individual affected and the interests of the organization. In order to do both those things effectively, an investigation must first identify wrongdoings, then offer support to employees, and finally make an informed and objective decision on the outcome. Having the right guiding principles will ensure that your organization can inspire positive workplace relations and limit any additional risks. To learn more about how your organization can adapt this framework, read on to the resource paired with this post.

Workplace Investigation Timeline from HR Acuity, a company specializing in employee relations software