How to collect customers valuable information and grow your business

Every online business has a big area of opportunity right now and that’s collecting data. If you already have an existing ecommerce store you should already be working on your Database in order to send Email Marketing, either yourself, or through an Ecommerce Email Marketing Agency, this way you can increase your income and grow your company.

Collecting your potential customers data is a strong strategy that you should be using to send specific emails based on their interests or behaviour and convert. Once you have your clients data and their approval to receive email marketing you can then understand their shopping habits and online behavior and send specific communication that triggers depending on their actions.

Where do I start?

If you were wondering how to collect data you’re on the right article. The first thing to do is, now that you have your ecommerce store set, go through your ecommerce platform (Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento)  settings and look if there’s a way to add a signup form, in some cases you’ll need to add an appi or integration but this’ll depend on the platform you’re working with. Another option is to use the Email Marketing Platform of your choice or the one you’re currently using (if it’s the case) to add a signup form to your store.

Once you have found the best way for you to add the Signup Form you need to think about one of the most important things when collecting personal information: What am I going to give in exchange for their personal data?

You need to give it a good thought and maybe AB test the discount or freebie you’re willing to offer to get these leads. The strategy to grow an email list will depend on the nature of your product and your margins so you need to take your time and think about your customer, their interests, fears, aspirations and expectations.

How to turn Customer Data into Knowledge

If you have already started Data Collection through a signup or embed form and your subscribers have already accepted to receive email marketing then you’ll be able to learn a lot from their customer journey maps in order to send personalized and behavioural based emails, this way you’ll be able to turn a cold lead into a hot lead in a relatively short period of time and even convert.

With email marketing you can send automated emails that will save you a bunch of time when it comes to communicating with your potential customers.

Don’t give it much thought, if you already have your online business and a good amount of traffic you need to start collecting your visitors information, NOW! Data is the most valuable resource for every business these days so get started as soon as possible.