Influencer Marketing Statistics


The use of social media has increased tremendously in the last few years, and it has become an integral part of people’s lives. Social media has become a way to reach a brand new audience. For some time now brands have been adopting the influencer strategy present on social media to create awareness.

There are still some small businesses in the marketing field who doubt whether to invest in Influencer Marketing or not. And how exactly does this strategy work? Influencer marketing strategy has become more simple and accessible as mentioned earlier.

Influencer Marketing Statistics 2022

1: How much is the Global Influencer Market expected to grow? It is estimated that the market price is expected to rise to $22.2 billion. It is estimated that in the year 2025, with the help of influencer marketing, the global market is expected to grow at an annual rate of 12.6% to $22.2 billion.

2: Influencer marketing trends are still growing and are still booming. 70 percent of brands are currently adopting Influencer Marketing Strategy, and taking help from Influencer. There are 4 billion social media influencers all over the world, who are working for different brands.

3: 41% percent of customers like to take discounts from Influencer. According to a report, it is found that 41 percent of customers prefer to take discounts from the brand and from the influencer side.

5: Customers trust Influencer more than the owner of the brand. This is the reason why brands take the help of Influencer for their promotion. Two years ago when all the shops and studios were closed during the corona pandemic, during that time people were taking the help of social media influencers to promote their brand. From that time the trend of influencer marketing started increasing. Perhaps this is the reason why people have started relying more on social media influencers.

6: According to a report, 53 percent of women buy products with the help of influencer marketing. According to the news, these women bought the products after seeing social media posts. Women prefer to shop online more than men.

7: 80 percent of customers prefer to shop from Instagram and they search for good products on Instagram itself. He searches for the product he is interested in on Insta. Instagram is one of the few social media platforms on which more influencer marketing is done.

8: Attracting customers with Influencer Marketing is very simple. According to a survey, it is found that 50 percent of marketers say that they get better results with the help of influencer marketing, and they are able to attract more customers to themselves. Among those customers are customers who repeatedly buy products from the brand and remain loyal to the brand.

9: Influencer marketing grew by 50 percent over the years. 2019 was a big year for influencer marketing, and only in the year 2020 during the corona pandemic, these figures increased even more.


Influencer marketing has many benefits, and there are reasons to use it. This is a great reason to increase brand awareness. It builds trust in the brand and attracts customers. This is the reason that now people have started taking the help of social media more than TV advertising.

That is why you should take the help of Social Media Marketing and influencer marketing to promote your brand. So you must play an active role on social media. It is important to post daily and it is important to use hashtags.