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What are Surface-applied Delectable Warning Tiles?

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Surface tiles have been created in many designs and styles that help decorate and make space attain a certain feel. There are deterrent types of tiles used to enhance the appearance and add a practical quality to surfaces. Some companies have come up with polymer surface-applied tiles mostly used on sidewalks, platforms and ramps. These types of tiles have a high impact detectable warning surface tiles that can also be replaced. The tiles are slip-resistant, has resistance to harsh weather conditions, chemicals and UV rays.

Properties of detectable warning surface tiles

  • Recyclable
  • Replaceable
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Slip-resistant for both dry and wet surfaces.
  • Durable

Installation of Surface Applied Tiles

The best kind of surface to install surface detectable warning tiles are cured concrete surfaces. These tiles are made in various sizes and require sealants and stainless drive pins to install. Before installing the surface tile, always ensure that the concrete surface has been dusted to enhance the ability to adhere using a sealant. The next step involves positioning the tiles and marking the area within which they will cover. The sealant is then applied within the area indicated. Finally, the surface tile is aligned to the marked corners, and the drive pins are drilled at the edges. 

Properties to look out for in detectable warning surfaces.

  1. Detectable warning surface tiles can only be installed in places that aim at creating a hazardous warning. They are suitable along edges, reflecting pools, vehicle ways and crosswalks. These surfaces are when not identified, can lead to harm. The main purpose of using the surface tiles is to enable people to detect when approaching an area of the hazard.
  2. The detectable warning surface tiles have a unique sizing property that allows them to fit only on surfaces with specific measurements. However, they also have a specific in-between measurement for the layered type of dome-shaped. Therefore, they may not fit perfectly in a small area.
  3. The warning surface tiles have a specific size requirement that needs to be fulfilled. They should cover a minimum area of 24 inches and should cover a significant width. The ratio of the area covered and that around it should be reasonable and should cover both its width and length.
  4. The surface tiles colour should be a shade that contrasts that of the concrete surface for more visibility. In addition, the colour should be popping out from the surface such that it can be identified from afar hence act as a warning.


Detectable warning surface tiles are manufactured according to specified standards and requirements. They are made of superior quality and heavy material that makes them durable. They are also resistant to various harsh parameters in the environment and are recyclable. They are also sold in various colours and shapes. Although their installment is easy and quick, specific requirements should be considered before installing them, such as space, location, colour, and purpose of the tile, i.e., to act as a warning.

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