5 Useful Mind Mapping Tools To Make Your Remote Working More Efficient

Whenever void of new ideas, one thing to try is mind mapping. Mind mapping is a useful technique that helps you come up with new ideas. Through the use of collaborative mind map online tools, you and your colleagues can brainstorm together. This technique is even more popular as these tools have become popular.

So if you need to brainstorm with your colleagues and make remote work more efficient, here are the 5 mind mapping tools to check out.

1.  GitMind

GitMind is best used as a collaborative tool. With GitMind, assigning tasks is easy. The tool offers users multiple mind mapping templates to choose from, and you can even make one yourself. To turn GitMind into a collaborative tool, simply invite the people that work on the project.

GitMind is a web-based tool that works across all operative systems and browsers. You can even work through your smartphone, but the mobile version does come with some limitations.

2.  Google

Google is the ultimate service for professionals. But did you know that Google has a mind mapping tool? Google’s mind mapping tools aren’t free. This is perhaps the sole reason why not a lot of people know about it.

The base version is $5, while you can upgrade and turn it into a collaborative tool for $8. The perks of this are access to hundreds of diagrams, icons, and greater control. With Google’s mind mapping online tool, you can brainstorm with your colleagues and design diagrams that help improve your projects.

Much like GitMind, Google’s tool works on all browsers and doesn’t require downloading any software. There is a free version where users can choose from 3 mind mapping diagrams to work with.

3.  Mindomo

Mindomo is yet another mind map online tool to use when void of new and fresh ideas. The benefit to Mindomo is that the service comes jam-packed with tons of features. You can choose from three plans, teacher, student, and personal & work.

All three plans offer access to different features, but all three are intended for collaborating. Unlike the previous two, Mindomo is a software that you need to download. With that said, the tool isn’t large and you won’t have any issues with space on your laptop or personal computer.

What you’re getting with that is a tool that comes with dozens of mind mapping templates. They even specially design these templates for specific tasks such as planning a website, a weekly planner, etc.

4.  StormBoard

A subscription-based mind mapping tool, StormBoard allows collaborative work on a scale never before imagined. The tool has a couple of features that make it stand out, such as a voting system where everyone can vote on the changes made through the tool. This feature alone is what makes StormBoard the ultimate mind mapping tool for collaborative work. With the voting feature, users can make decisions faster and more efficiently.

As mentioned previously, this is a subscription-based service that costs $5 a month. But for $5, you’re getting access to all kinds of templates. On a side note, the tool also has a free version. But as one can imagine, it allows a maximum of five users per board and access to unlimited templates.

So checking out the free version doesn’t cost you anything.

5.  Scapple

And the last tool on this list is Scapple. With Scapple, you buy it once and never again. The tool is excellent for collaborative work and will help you and your team brainstorm new ideas. You can also add notes that make the work that much easier to understand.

The tool is quite stylish and each user has greater customization control. You can use Scapple for free for 30 days if you’re not ready to fork out $18.