How To Get Employees Onboard With A New Clock In Clock Out System
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How To Get Employees Onboard With A New Clock In Clock Out System

When adding anything new to the work environment, it can be challenging to get employees to accept it. This is doubly true for technology such as a clock in clock out system. While the new employee timesheet software can be a powerful tool for both the business and the employees, adoption is hard to achieve without a proper implementation process, and everyone involved ends up missing out on the benefits.

There are a few simple things that you can do to improve the acceptance rate of the new software and get employees to take full advantage of the software to get the most that they can out of it. This will improve success and the overall return on investment.

Show Them How to Use It

The first step to an efficient clock in clock out system integration is ensuring that employees know how to use the software for their specific needs. Before they even understand the benefits, learning how to use the job clock will make the new addition a bit easier to digest.

For instance, making sure that the employee understands the new clock-in process and how to go about it with as little trouble as possible will make them more likely to go ahead and use the software.

The main goal is to flatten the learning curve with new technology. One of the reasons for poor adoption rates for new technology is that employees don’t fully understand how to use it, and the process frustrates them and makes their job more difficult. Whether it is official training or a well-developed explanation and tutorial system, there are ways to make the learning process easier, especially for new employees or those that are less adapted to technology.

Tell Them Why

Another way to improve the adoption rate and get employees onboard with a new clock in clock out system is to give them the ins and outs of why it’s being implemented. Explaining the company’s goals and how the new online timecard system fits into those goals will make employees feel more in the loop and more valued throughout the process.

Letting employees know the reason behind a change also gives them a reason to be invested in the transition, mainly if they see it as a positive change that will help them and the business. Suppose employees know that they will be more valued and productive by adopting the new technology in their job. In that case, they will accept the new time keeper app and fully embrace it, which is the best way to gain full compliance and maximize the return on investment.

Explain the Benefits

Lastly, when attempting to gain employee trust regarding a new clock in clock out system, one of the best ways to win them over is by letting them know what they will be getting from the new addition. Highlighting essential features that make employees’ jobs easier will improve acceptance.

It’s a good idea to focus on benefits that matter to employees, such as the faster and more secure clock in process. Employees benefit directly because they don’t have to wait in line to clock in, and the process is simple, fast, and accessible.

Another benefit is that of automated team time tracking. Employees are guaranteed to have their hours calculated correctly, and there’s no more need to manually fill out timesheets at the end of the pay period. Instead, they can focus on doing their job without worrying about whether or not they will get paid for the hours they worked.

Getting employees onboard with new software is always a challenging process, but you’ll have your employees using the new time tracking system with minimal issues with a proper implementation process.